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Sample Fundraising Campaign

This is what a sample campaign looks like. You can use this to raise funds toward any goal you have.


Raised of $30,000 goal


Together we've raised millions to help organizations all over the world!

Built To Communicate

Grassroots has been hand crafted to help you with the essential task of communicating online. You can use its tools to introduce your organization and its mission to visitors.

You can also use its tools to help with the important work of fundraising.

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Tell Your Story

Communicating your purpose is essential. Grassroots helps you get your message in front of your visitors clearly.

You can tell your story with images, video and text. The homepage is made up completely out of widgets, so it’s easy to add, remove or rearrange content whenever you want to.

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Give Any Amount

This product is a “name your own price” donation. It lets your users give as much as they’d like to.


Raised of $15,000 goal



You have an organization to run. Stop worrying about your website and go with Grassroots today!