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Fashion is to please your eye. Shapes and proportions are for your intellect. I would like the people that buy my clothes to understand that for me it’s one small piece of art. Women are women, and hurray for that. You have a more interesting life if you wear impressive clothes. Design and style should work toward making you look good and feel good without a lot of effort so you can get on with the things that matter.

Girl With BooksA woman has the age she deserves. Luxury must be comfortable, otherwise it is not luxury. I am what I am. Before I was not so proud to make fashion. My family thought fashion wasn’t very interesting. So I hid that. I’m an accomplice to helping women get what they want. A woman has the age she deserves.

I always thought what you wore underneath was as important as what you wear on top. You’re only as good as your last collection, which is an enormous pressure. My customers are successful workingwomen. I want to thank all the women who have worn my clothes, the famous and the unknown, who have been so faithful to me and given me so much joy. My dresses are very reasonably priced, for dresses that are cut on the body.

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