Responsive Design

Progress is designed to respond to the device that’s being used to view it. If you’re using a smart phone like an iPhone or Android, it will orient itself to give you the best view. Step up to an iPad or other tablet, and the view will also be tailored for the environment.

Gallery Post Format

Progress also uses the same touch enabled slideshow on the home page to power the gallery image format. It’s a great way to show off your images. Just upload the images you’d like to use on the page/post where you’d like to use the slideshow. You don’t even have to insert it into the post for them to be included in the gallery slideshow.

Sample Comments

Once you’ve written an amazing post to your blog, you’ll want to engage your readers with thoughtful responses to the comments they leave. Gallery includes support for threaded comments so you (and your visitors) can easily follow what people are saying.

Image Post Format


This post is an example of one with that uses the image post format. It provides room for a large image, just above the content. Just add a featured image to the post and select the format to use it. It’s that simple.

Post With A Lightbox Gallery

This page gives you an example of the lightbox gallery that is part of the Gallery theme. It’s easy to use; just upload the images you’d like to include on the page/post you’re working on. Once you’ve done that, just click “Insert Gallery” and WordPress will create a stylish gallery for you at that point.