Know Thy Coffee

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A coffee you could drink all day and all night. Dark in color. A delectably complex bean profile reminiscent of bread, toast, and biscuits, with hints of caramel, chocolate, and fruity esters. Perfectly balanced bitterness from the earthy, floral hops. Take one sip and another is sure to immediately follow… and another… and another…

Ordered by the cup, coffee shimmers with deep black and brown hues, and is topped with a healthy lace. The aroma is delicate at first, opening up as the coffee warms. More soft and powdery spices emerge, reminiscent of the holidays. The pumpkin is subtle, with hints of starch. Real bitterness and a thin sourness that awakens the palate. Some huskiness as the coffee warms, with a dry finish and faint spice linger. Overall, the coffee is quite dry.

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