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You’re only as good as your last collection, which is an enormous pressure. For me, the summer will be pure gray – mother-of-pearl gray, very pale gray. To me, this is the big statement for summer. Then we have light blue, light turquoise, lots of pink. The difference between style and fashion is quality. There is always an emotional element to anything that you make. Sometimes incompetence is useful. It helps you keep an open mind.

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I’ve always tried to push myself technically and to push myself visually. That’s been part of the journey. Fashion is a very stressful place to work because of the demands of doing the shows – no one expects a writer to produce two books a year on the dot – but it’s also a very toxic place to work. I am convinced that there can be luxury in simplicity. My relationships with producers or photographers – these are relationships that took years. The important thing is to take your time and not get stressed.

I never look at other people’s work. My mind has to be completely focused on my own illusions. Jeans represent democracy in fashion. I’ve always thought of the T-shirt as the Alpha and Omega of the fashion alphabet. I am not interested in shock tactics. I just want to make beautiful clothes. We have got to change our ethics and our financial system and our whole way of understanding the world. It has to be a world in which people live rather than die; a sustainable world. It could be great.

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