Custom Products Your Way

Have you ever looked at how Apple or Amazon promote their own products? They don’t simply list the image and give a description. What they do is create an immersive experience, showing off every facet of the item you’re interested in.

Now you can create pages like that for your products. Finesse has a built-in content builder that allows you to create rows of content on any page or product.

Each row can have its own styling allowing you to fill your visitor’s screen with immersive images showing how fantastic your product is.

Custom Product


Not only can you add content to tell your product's story, but you can add the elements that make up a typical product page. What good would a product page be if you couldn't buy the product? With Finesse you can include Add to Cart forms, product tabs, photo galleries, reviews, ratings, and variations. Now you can include what you want and leave out the rest. Place them in any order you want too.

Show Other Products

Add skirts that would go great with that shirt. Pair shoes with dresses. Show your sale products!


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